Partner with us
Be a Cylinder Distributor

The applicant for setting up of Aegis Puregas Distributorship undergoes stringent quality assessment to ensure that the RIGHT channel partner is appointed to represent the “BRAND” in the minds of the customers.
Reasonable financial strength, Long term Business perspective, Market feasibility and orientation towards “customer first” approach are the key factors that the company looks at while appointing our Channel Partners.
We are currently operating in major parts of the following states:
Area Of Expansion
  • Approx 5000 sq ft land with clear title for commercial purpose to construct of PESO approved Godown for Cylinder storage
  • Primary and secondary vehicles for delivering the Cylinders
  • Investment in Cylinder inventory and working capital
  • Office at a prominent location with basic infrastructure
  • Manpower to promote and operate the Distributorship
  • Submit ‘Application form for Distributorship’ duly filled with all the supporting documents
  • Interview & Screening process
  • Issuance of Letter of Intent after successful screening process
  • Deposit of interest free Security Deposit within time limit specified in LOI and signing of “Distributor Agreement”
  • Application to CCOE for Godown drawing plan approval and simultaneous application to local authorities for obtaining NOC
  • Construction of Godown for storage of LPG – as per PESO regulations
  • Final application for seeking Godown license with all the supporting documents, inspection by PESO
  • License from PESO for storage of LPG
  • Commissioning & Launch of Aegis Puregas Distributorship
*Aegis has the right to reject the applications based on it’s internal viability studies in any of the states.
Own an Aegis Retail outlet

We are constantly looking out for expanding our Aegis Autogas empire across India. Therefore, we’re in search of new prospects, who can play a pivotal role in forming a robust Channel Partner network for Aegis Autogas. For a detailed discussion and to understand a growth-centric business opportunity, our highly experienced and trained Marketing personnel explain you the benefits on partnering with us.

We are currently operating in major parts of the following states:
Area Of Expansion
  • Prime Land (Owned/Leased) :
    City: 1000 m2 (Front- 80 Ft)
    State Highway: 1200 m2 (Front- 35m)
    National Highway: 2000 m2 (Front- 35m)
  • In case you have smaller dimension plot, do speak to our team to check the feasibility and fitment – sometimes even smaller dimensions can be accommodated.
  • Clear Title, Commercial usage
  • No School, Hospital, bridge etc within 50m
  • Plant Equipment and Machinery
  • Safety & Fire Fighting Facilities
  • Sales Service Control Centre
  • Retro-fitment center for LPG Kits
  • Space for other Products & Services (NFR, Service Station, F&B, spares etc)
  • Application Form submission with requisite deposit
  • Site Inspection, documents due diligence & Interview by the company
  • Issuance of LOI
  • Initial Drawing and Site Approval
  • Start NOC Process
  • Begin civil work
  • Installation and commissioning of plant and machinery
  • Rule 33
  • Application to PESO for final grant of the license
  • Inspection from PESO
  • Grant of final license
*Aegis has the right to reject the applications based on it’s internal viability studies in any of the states.
Be a Service Provider

A Service Provider is:
  • A key business partner to fuel the growth in direct business of Aegis Puregas
  • The one who manages the logistics for cylinder delivery to direct key accounts
  • The one who covers the credit exposure of direct key accounts through suitable collaterals

Some key pointers to consider while partnering with Aegis Puregas:
  • A Service Provider should have ample influential & Industrial business contacts
  • He/She should also have a provision of primary transportation/vehicle
  • A workplace or an office for business, along with a with telephone & internet connection
  • Adequate working capital which varies from market to market and depends largely on volume
  • Skilled manpower for carrying out operations and for servicing customers
Commissioning & launch of Aegis Puregas Service provider is expected within 15 days from the issue of the Letter of Intent
Be an Aegis Business Consultant

Well connected individuals/firms who wish to partner with Aegis for channel development activities may apply with their existing details of their infrastructure and business profile.
For more details, write to us on or call us on 8080003666