LPG For Home

  • A cleaner & efficient cooking fuel
  • Safer and easy to use
  • Easy to control and provides better control over cooking
  • Cost effective and its appliances require minimal maintenance
  • Eco Friendly and reduces the greenhouse emission by up to 70%
  • Allows speedy cooking
  • Enables low kitchen temperature as LPG stoves emit less heat
  • Easy to store in the kitchen as it occupies lesser space
Aegis Puregas offers the purest, safest and the most reliable fuel that redefines cooking and enables to improve a homemaker’s health along with your kitchen environment, in the urban and the rural markets.
Benefits of 12 Kg Domestic Cylinders:
  • Instant Gas connection with Aegis Puregas
  • Minimum paperwork as one must simply submit a photo ID & an address proof for a new connection
  • Consistent quality checks ensure that our customers get superior quality LPG and right quantity
  • Timely Delivery & easy availability of refill.
  • Our customers benefit with our timely and prompt after-sale service
  • Cylinder Security Deposits are refundable with terms. * T&C apply
The small size makes this mighty 4 Kg cylinder an all-rounder. Be it cooking for your outdoor party or cooking in your newly owned apartment, and from daily cooking in rural households to cooking in your hostel; Aegis Puregas’ 4 Kg Chhota Cikander is an ultimate cylinder for domestic cooking. Its unique design makes it easily portable and the black powder coated cooktop ensures a seamless cooking experience at your ease.
4 Kg Chhota Cikander is the most preferred choice in its category because of these benefits:
  • Easily available at stores near you
  • No documentation required
  • Instant refill available
  • Fully refundable deposit
  • Safest & strongest cylinder in its category (BIS and PESO approved)
Aegis Puregas presents the newest member of their family, the 2 Kg Chhota Cikander. Smaller in size, but it’s the most efficient cylinder that aims to address your smallest of cooking needs. You can easily carry it for your weekend getaways or use it to make your favorite fast food at your newly rented apartment. Not just this, the 2 Kg Chhota Cikander comes with an auto-ignition cooktop that enables you to start cooking with just one click!
2 Kg Chhota Cikander is the most preferred choice in its category because of these benefits:
  • No documentation required
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Cooking with convenience, anytime and anywhere
  • Ideal for students, vendors and stall owners
  • Easy availability
  • Auto-ignition Cooktop – no matchstick required
Safety Tips for home
Points to Remember:
  • Always store the cylinders in a cool, open and airy space
  • It shouldn’t be placed on a trolley or at a height
  • Avoid keeping the cylinder exposed to hot sun or a burning stove
  • Avoid keeping burning incense sticks, candles or any other flammable products near the cylinder
  • Use only regulator and Suraksha hose with ISI Mark
  • Refrain from placing the cylinder on a table or any material that can easily catch fire
In case of Leakage:
  • Switch off the gas regulator
  • Do not operate any electrical switch
  • Take out the regulator and put the safety cap on the cylinder
  • Open all windows and doors
  • Extinguish all naked flames
  • Call your Aegis Puregas Distributor for an immediate assistance