LPG For Hotel & Industries
Benefits for Hotels

For commercial applications, LPG is considered as the most affordable and reliable source of energy as it offers significant economic and eco-friendly benefits over other conventional fuels, oil or electricity. Majority of the Hotel and related business owners are exploring dynamic LPG solutions to fulfill their energy requirements. Aegis Puregas is the most trusted reliable energy partner as we offer optimum LPG solutions that enable the businesses to be more competent.
  • Cleaner fuel that helps minimize Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission
  • Economical energy solution as it reduces dependence on expensive & traditional energy supplies
  • Used anywhere with smaller investments in infrastructure
  • Quick delivery and instant refill ensures safety and quality
Aegis Puregas offers commercial cylinders in 17 Kg and 21 Kg options for various segments such as Industries, Hotels, Institutions and all commercial applications. Aegis Puregas has a robust Distributor network in over 8 states; and is rapidly expanding in other parts of the country. Over the years, our new and prospect customers have been experiencing the best in class services of Aegis Puregas.
Our 17 Kg & 21 Kg cylinders are exclusively used in various commercial outlets such as restaurants, hotels & canteens as well as widely preferred in diverse industries such as metal, textile, food processing and automobiles.
Our 33 Kg VOT (Vapour Offtake) cylinders are used for commercial purposes, specifically eateries and other small-scale industries that require lower LPG requirement of up to 10 metric tonne. This exclusive type of cylinder works on the principle of natural vaporization and it also requires manual change over from one manifold to another.

Our 33 Kg LOT (Liquid Offtake) cylinder is an ideal source of energy for industries like paints, ceramic, heat treatment, galvanizing etc. and all other industries that require over 20 metric tonne of LPG. The changeover occurs automatically from one manifold to the other and has a lower inventory carrying cost.

Use of multiple cylinders occupy larger space and also has increased safety risks as the number of valves and joints to be managed are large in a single manifold. Aegis Puregas is in the process of introducing Aegis Puregas “MAGNA” in select markets which gives an excellent solution to industries with large LPG consumptions. As the name suggests, MAGNA is a powerhouse designed to fuel the growth of your industry / organisation.

Industrial Applications of LPG

For years, Aegis Puregas has been enabling various Industries and Commercial Manufacturing Units to be more competent and productive, resulting into an enhanced product quality. We have been consistently offering a wider range of applications and with immense pride, we say that Aegis Puregas is India’s most preferred LPG solutions provider.
So, we have listed a couple of Industrial Applications for you to get astonished while you get a glimpse of the world of LPG.
  1. Aluminum Melting
  2. Aegis Puregas is widely used in aluminium melting, holding and re-melting. In this process, Aluminium bricks are melted with alloys to manufacture engine blocks, cylinder heads, castings and pistons etc.
  3. Aluminum Heat Treatment
  4. To supplement aluminum’s hardness and ductile strength, aluminum alloys undergo a Heat Treatment. Aegis Puregas is used for other processes like Solution Heat Treatment, Artificial Ageing or Precipitation and Annealing Process.
  5. Case Hardening
  6. It is a process in which the surface of the metals is hardened for weariness and strength. Aegis Puregas is widely used for carburizing and carbo-nitriding processes in heat treatment applications.
  7. Endo Gas Generation
  8. Endothermic Gas is basically, a mixture of several gases like Hydrogen, Nitrogen, CO, CO2 and water vapour. It is used in many heat treatment furnaces for a strong oxygen reducing atmosphere. Many manufacturing units rely on Aegis Puregas to pass over the heated catalyst along with air in the retort at a temperature of 1030-1050 °C, thus generating Endo Gas.
  9. Hot Dip Galvanizing
  10. Hot dip Galvanizing is the immersion of clean, oxide-free iron or steel in molten zinc. This progression helps to form a protective zinc coating that is metallurgically bonded to the iron or steel’s surface. This process is prominently used in the manufacturing process of pipes, plates, wires, sheets, tubes and hardware etc.
  11. Powder Coating
  12. Powder coating is a dry finishing process to metals. Powder coating ensures protection, high-quality, durable finish and a simplified environmental compliance. Powder coating is also available in a wider range of colors and textures.
  13. Roto Moulding
  14. Roto Moulding is a process in which hollow plastic products are manufactured. Heating, melting, shaping and cooling are some of the key steps in the process enabled by the polymers placed inside the mould. Aegis Puregas, in this process, is a cost effective and an ideal solution over other conventional liquid fuels and electricity.
  15. Seed Drying
  16. Seed Drying is a process of reducing the moisture content of the seed by controlled heating. It reduces the moisture content of the seed up to 13%, ensuring a longer storage life, enhanced quality and disease-resistance.
Benefits for Industries

While we offer our customers a wide range of solutions, we also ensure they benefit with us. Below are some of the advantages which will surely give you a confident reason to partner with us.
  • Economic and safe over other conventional and liquid fuels
  • Eco-friendly and contains lowest impurities
  • Ease of application
  • Extensive availability
  • Storage and handling at ease
  • Helps enhance the quality of the end-product
  • Minimal maintenance as compared to other conventional and liquid fuels
  • Enhances business continuity and productivity
  • No pilferage
  • 100% Imported superior quality LPG – directly from the Arabian Gulf – delivered at your door step

Majority of the Industrial customers rely on Aegis Puregas as their trusted partners for LPG supplies. Aegis not only imports and supplies reliable & pure LPG, but also has an expertise in designing, constructing and maintaining the manifold systems, underground and mounded storage tanks for industrial applications. We initiate and enable the LPG installation on Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM) basis, thus providing a hassle-free end to end fuel management to our customers. Aegis has its own in-house team and approved vendors to give round the clock servicing to its valued clients.
Understanding the B-O-O-M concept
  1. Extensive domain knowledge on LPG applications
  2. In-house designing & execution expertise
  3. Custom-built bulk Installations for varied Industrial applications
  4. Complete investment by Aegis Puregas
  5. Complete fuel management through effective logistics
The tank sizes for the installation varies from 5 MT to 100 MT. An installation consists of single/multiple tanks based on the customer's consumption.
Our Business Model
  • A 10-year exclusive Supply Contract
  • LPG storage and distribution system, set-up and maintained by Aegis Puregas
  • Transparent CP based pricing mechanism
  • Aegis Puregas imports high quality LPG through the network of Import Terminals across the country
Safety Tips for Hotels & Industries

We at Aegis Puregas emphasize the importance of safety at our customer's LPG installations and other operations. Below are some crucial steps we recommend our customers to follow for a safer work place.
  • Be cautious and shout/raise alarm to make everyone alert around you
  • In case of leakage, immediately close all valves and stop work
  • In case of valve leakage from a cylinder, put the safety cap first and take the cylinder to an open space
  • In case of fire or any other emergency, call Fire Brigade and Aegis Puregas Distributor for assistance